I’m an MS Specialist Nurse, and now also head up the training and distributorship of APS Therapy in the UK. This blog has grown from my regular slot in the Bedford MS Therapy Centre newsletter, where was the MS specialist nurse, 3 days a week, for 15 years. ( I needed more space!) I now work for the NHS full time in Bedfordshire as a community MS Specialist Nurse.

The aim of this blog is not to provide information about MS – there’s already great stuff available, ( I’ll post links to the best sites) – or to be first with the news, or to tell you things that you can find out about easily elsewhere.

It’s just a place to share things that I have found good, useful, or positive, or am excited about for MS, that you may not already have heard of!
A bit about me:

I qualified as an RGN in 1993, specialised in neurological rehabilitation in 1998, qualified as an MS Specialist nurse in 2003, and took a post as an MS Nurse in 2004.

Along the way I have also been developing my holistic health understanding, qualifying in several holistic therapies, including stress reduction and biofeedback techniques, and furthering my understanding of diet and nutrition. A couple of these therapies I integrate into my MS Nursing – HeartMath, Bach flower, and my interest in natural health.  Since introducing and researching the effects of APS Therapy at the Bedford MS Therapy Centre, I have also learned about and trained in APS Therapy, taking on distributorship for the UK in February 2014.

I love my MS nursing, and am happy to use and recommend all the usual pharmaceutical or medical treatments that you would expect. I believe there’s a place for both types of treatment. I do feel especially lucky  in my role at the MS Therapy Centre, Bedford,  as I’m supported  to constantly learn and practice whatever I safely can to help people with MS optimise their health, from both a conventional and a more natural perspective.

In my MS nursing post, I also run teaching or training sessions for other healthcare professionals,  participate in small research projects, publish articles in MS specific magazines, and  constantly read, learn and think, about MS! I’ll try to post the useful stuff up here.

I stay open minded, and explore any aspect of MS treatment that seems reasonable to me. I’m not an expert in any academic field, and none of my posts should be taken as medical advice; I share information for the sake of education.  Everybody should take responsibility for their own health and medical advice should come from your healthcare professionals.

I’m going to upload all my old ‘posts’ so you can see what I’ve been thinking/learning about over the last few years; the new stuff will go in both places.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Miranda, nice to see the Blog. Sorry to be picky but there is an error on your About Page. The dates don’t work out

    I qualified as an RGN in 1994, specialised in neurological rehabilitation in 1998, qualified as an MS Specialist nurse in 2003, and took a post as an MS Nurse in 1994.

    I guess the last date should read 2004.

    Good Luck with the Blog, I look forward to reading it.


  2. Hi Miranda,

    What is your Twitter handle?

    I have been digging through various blogs and so on, and I’m sure I found a connection that suggests we follow each other on Twitter. But now, I can’t find it.

    I have the Twitter user name @Gonzoid (Don’t ask why) and I would love for us to connect.

  3. Miranda I would really like to train to use APS therapy and learn more about this. I have tried three times to get in touch with you and have never had any response. Please would you try to contact me with training dates, fees etc. I live near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. My email address is alrshom@gmail.com
    Many thanks. Ann Lovatt

  4. Hi Miranda,
    Just found your blog. I am writing from the US. Wondering if you would write a post re your thoughts from a holistic perspective about MS heat sensitivity…what it is, why it is, when it happens, how it can affect people? What preventative measures and symptom management techniques etc would you suggest? Heat sensitivity can be a big thing not only because of the outdoor temps, for many other reasons as well…raise in temp due to exercise (something we are recommended to do), fever, even cooking-basically any raise in core body temp due to physical or emotional stressors! I have quite a bit of personal knowledge about MS heat sensitivity and approach my MS from a clinical, holistic point of view. After 28 years I have to say it’s been a great approach for me! Would love to hear your thoughts and share my views as well with your readers. There is help for this sometimes debilitating MS symptom that can definitely enhance an MS person’s and their family’s quality of life. BTW…great blog approach overall!

    • Hi Jil,
      so sorry for delay in response! I would be happy to discuss this further with you, perhpas by email? At the moment it is not very topical, as here in the UK we are in the grip of the ‘Beast from the east’ lol – a siberian arctic blast! But perhpas in summer? Hope to speak soon, All the best, Miranda

  5. Hi Miranda,

    This comment has nothing to do with the attached post. I need your help.

    I have had to ditch my old email addresses and I want to resubscribe to you email list. I value the superbly detailed insights you provide from time to time.

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