Hello world!

This blog has grown from my work as an MS Specialist Nurse, 3 days a week at the MS Therapy Centre, Bedford, UK. I love my job, especially as I’m allowed the freedom to continuously explore ways you can optimise your health and life when you have MS, from both a ‘conventional’ and a more natural perspective.

Specifically, the blog is an expansion of my regular feature in our MS Therapy Centre newsletter. I’m going to upload all my old ‘posts’ so you can see what I’ve been thinking/learning about over the last few years; the new stuff will go in both places.

This last month has been an exciting one for me, new things that have happened are:

  •  Learning about APS Therapy ( Action Potential Simulation therapy)
  • Doing a teaching session on MS & the bowel on a Peristeen course;  I’ll try to upload it here.
  • Also I am still rounding up the feedback from those people who tried the natural detox product; more on that later!
 I should stick to one topic at a time.  So – APS Therapy
Recently met up with a friend, a nurse,who is now the leader of a fantastic pain management team in Hull.
She told me about the very very good results – people coming off medications completely – that a doctor working in a hospice in Hull had been getting with people with MS who had severe neuropathic pain, and severe muscle spasm, using APS machines. Their team had organised for  someone from the Dutch company who manufacture and supply the machines and training, to come and do a training day in Hull – which I managed to attend.

Basically this therapy looks a bit like TENS, but it’s a different type of electrical current. You put sticky pads on your skin, which are connected to the machine via wires, and then a direct current of micro-amps is directed to travel through the cells of your body, from one pad to the other.

APS machine for the MS Therapy Centre

The current simulates – ie is just like, Action Potential – which is the name for the way that electrical signals pass along a nerve. This apparently stimulates the release of more ATP, which is needed to create energy in the body, and also speeds up the detoxification from cells, and the result, after a period of treatment, is said to be reduced pain and increased energy.  So obviously I am excited!!

In Hull, a proper clinical trial is going to go ahead with a rehab team, pain management team and university in collaboration. In Bedford (!!) the doctor with the hospice experience has been kind enough to offer to come down and share her experiences of using this in clinical practice, so that we can find out

  1. how to use it
  2. how it works
  3. how we can use it effectively
  4. how we can use it fairly
  5. whether we can help people who benefit from it to fund ongoing treatment (?personal health budgets)
  6. whether we can add to the body of knowledge being gathered about it.
So this is happening on July 27th – can’t wait!
I will definatley post again on our experiences, and on everything else I think might be interesting to you!  All the best, Miranda


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. As an alternative therapist who had progressive MS can I please add that the Boulderstone Technique holds the answer to stop the progression of MS and prevent further relapses.His technique addresses the cause which in turn cures the illness. The technique requires no medication and has no side effects.

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