detox in MS

Following on from my last post about the thinking about viruses as potential drivers of degeneration in MS, here is some initial data from our experiment of using Omegawash as a strong natural detox agent.

At the MS Therapy Centre, Bedford,

12 people have tried taking this strong natural herbal and colloidal detox product, which claims to be anit-viral as well as anti-bacterial. anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. I asked people to fill in the MSQOL 54, a quality of life score with many different elements, both before and after.

Results: 1 person could not take it as it made them feel ill, & 1 for personal reasons; 1 I haven’t managed to follow up yet.

4 people took 1 bottle and did not notice any benefit or change, 2 of them have since had inflammatory activity and viral (coldsores etc) activity.

1 was in a very bad way when took 1 bottle as a ‘last resort’, with continual fatigue & very uncontrolled spasticity; this cleared up, although obviously, not cured of MS and its problems by any means, & MSQOL data has been lost.

4 people took a bottle, felt an improvement in their symptoms, and went on to supplement the 1 bottle funded by the MS Centre with 2 more bottles each.

Because the most noticable theme in people who felt they benefitted was an improvement in energy, this is the item I have looked at first.

Scores on the MSQOL for energy, out of 100, pre and post omegawash, for each of these 4, were:

Before  – 4/100     After  –   56/100

Before  – 24/100   After  –   52/100

Before  –  0/100    After –   72/100

Before  –  48/100  After  –   64/100

All of these 4 participants felt that the omegawash had made a significant difference to their energy levels. One of these had also made other changes over the same time period, starting hyperbaric oxygen, and changing her diet.

I have only just started to look at the questionnaire data.  I will report on this again once I have chased up my last participant, and looked at the other areas of the MSQOL, and identified any unifying factors in the people who reported benefit.

Today I could say that out of our tiny 10, there was a 10% drop-out rate, 40% no benefit, 10% possible benefit, and 40% reported significant benefits in energy ( and other areas of quality of life which I have yet to analyse). In the ‘responders’ group, there was an average of 39.5 point improvement in energy. Other reported benefits not included in the MSQOL included complete alleviation of bloating and vaginal thrush.

In the interests of science (haha!),’more research is needed’; but in the interests of ‘doing what you can asap as long as it’s not dangerous’, I thought I’d just let you know!

Omegawash is available from

As with all herbal products, you need to check that the ingredients are safe for you to use with your condition and whatever medications you take.

All the best, Miranda

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