My 2 roles. Just to be really clear

Recently we had a local newspaper article that started off so well, about the exciting results we’ve been getting with APS Therapy at the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford. Then in the last paragraph, it said that I was now offering to rent APS machines to MS patients, which made it sound as though I was renting them to my own patients, and was an unintentional mistake by the journalist.

local newspaper article on APS Therapy

To be clear, people with MS who live in Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire can come to the MS Therapy Centre and have this therapy for free, and I will be involved, as the MS Nurse there.

In my private business,  I do a variety of therapies, not aimed at people with MS, and I tend to keep the 2 separate.  I have  added renting APS Therapy machines to my business, and this is available for anyone from the general public who has pain. I am advertising this in local papers and on my business facebook page.

At the moment, I am the only UK supplier of APS Therapy machines. However, if & when people with MS want to purchase a machine, I supply them direct from the manufacturer, without taking commission, as long as they can prove that they have MS. People who are not members of the Beds & Northants MS Therapy Centre will still need to pay for their training, treatment plan and follow up time. This is important to know, as in June/July there will be a peice in the MS magazine New Pathways about what we are doing at the MS Therapy Centre, and also about my business.

Hope this makes things really clear

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