Mudrun with an iphone! (+ waterproof case)

This is just a fun one! THANKYOU to all who have donated, here’s us ( Miranda, Simon, Rose, Joe and Beanna Olding)  doing the Mad Monk XRunner for the Beds & Northants MS Therapy Centre, & the MS Trust.

So… it started with some nerves from my little Beanna….bea looking nervous

There was a warm up & a good atmosphere at the start, couple of fireworks to send you off,

water canoninto the stream you go!

then straight into the stream  – ( where I fell over because I was messing with my phone) –  up the bank,

up the bank

spider web ahead

What’s that?’ Spiders web’, straight ahead?  through the web,  under the nets


under the net

beautiful rose olding






Beautiful Rose

run run runyou can do it bea!mad monk xrunner

Then into the RIVER?!

into the river on the mad monk xrunner

mad monk!






bea swims the xrunner

joe swims the xrunner





drenched xrunners

another one bites the dust!

some casualties….then up and over….


up & over!








I said Over, dammit! … Dad to the rescue

simon shows off his muscles

dad gives a hand

then it was down that waterslide ( film) – over the river, & out the other side


we survived the Xrunner

Over the nets, over the bars, through the tubes

joe goes over the ropesMiranda Olding

more running – simon faking it –

simon fakes it on the xrunnersimon on the run

come on girls!

Then a few obstacles, and on to the finish line – Yay Team Olding! …. it’s on this little film

by the way, the phone cover I used was an ‘Ipega’; I got it for 14.99 and it seemed pretty cheap from china… but my phone survived!

If you’d like to help boost the fantastic total that people have helped us to raise, our just giving pages are open until the 17/8/14 – please use the just giving buttons at the side of the page at the top – Thankyou!!

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