Living to a ripe old age with MS

Today is Bedford MS Therapy Centre member,  Maurice, ‘s 88th birthday. ( He’s happy for me to post his picture!) Living proof that you can get to a ripe old age, living a full life, with MS. Maurice is fully mobile with two crutches, and lives independently.

He’s not the only octogenarian patient of mine; last week I saw a lovely lady, always elegant and well groomed, and moving quite fast with one stick, who has passed her 89th birthday. She attributes her wellness to carrying out a daily exercise program she was given by a physiotherapist at diagnosis, over 35 years ago.

We all know that there are many factors, including lots of luck, to how well you keep with MS, but I couldn’t resist asking Maurice what his ‘secret’ was… and it’s a piece of wisdom imparted by his teacher, Mrs Bennet, when he was 10 years old. ” She took us outside,” he said, “into the fresh air, and got us to breathe in really deep, and hold it – and then breathe out, really deep, and hold it. She said do that, at least ten times, every day – and I always have!” He also credits playing football, and gardening.

Very interesting… it’s worth exploring the benefits of deep breathing and oxygenation, and will look into for a future post. In the meantime, Happy birthday, Maurice, and wishing a long and fruitful life to all!

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