To any dear old readers!

Hello, Hey, how ARE YOU?!?!?! Past 3 years has been full time in the NHS, gruelling, and not had time to make posts. Hopefully will again very soon!

You may have noticed that I just suddenly posted, about diet.

This is because I need somewhere to hold this info online, so I can post a link. It’s for a resource for my local patients, but I’ll slo share it here when it’s done.

Speak soon, I hope, with pictures and embelishments, til then, All the Very Best!


7 thoughts on “To any dear old readers!

  1. Thank You Miranda!!!
    Good to hear from you.
    Not good at present as had a very bad fall downstairs and frustratingly slow to recover.
    However, you’re my inspiration, so I love hearing your findings on MS.

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