What if you’re doing everything right but you’re still getting relapses??

I was looking at the York test labs page today and noticed they have an offer on their Yes/No to immune response to foods product, until 7th Oct, so I thought I’d do a quick post on this subject…

You should know by now that I always recommend the Overcoming MS approach as the first thing to do if you even suspect MS…. along with weighing up the treatment options with your neurologist and doing whatever seems to be the right thing. But sometimes there’s more going on. If you have an undetected food intolerance, it can also play havoc with your immune system, causing inflammation on a large scale.

Food intolerances are often the result of a ‘leaky gut’ – the breakdown of the proper membrane of the gut wall, allowing undigested food molecules to pass into the blood stream, where they can be interpreted as intruders by the immune system.

Leaky gut can develop if the balance of bacteria in the gut is disturbed, and especially if yeasts proliferate, which can be the result of antibiotics, a poor diet and stress.

Food intolerances don’t have to be forever – sometimes just having a break from those foods, but also taking probiotics, digestive enzymes ( if appropriate) and preparations like slippery elm, can help to heal the gut again, so normal service can resume.

Here’s that the link to that offer, plus a copy & paste…

Food Intolerance Testing, Allergy Tests & Food Sensitivity Testing | YorkTest.

FirstStep Test

The YorkTest FirstStep Test quickly determines whether IgG antibody reactions to foods and drinks are detected in your blood or not.

If you get a positive result then purchase the FoodScan Programme (£245†), Food&DrinkScan Programme (£289†) or IBS Diet Programme (£289†) to discover what foods you have reacted to.

If you get a negative result then you do not have food-specific IgG reactions present and therefore no further testing is required.

Key benefits
  • Laboratory analysed yes/no test for IgG antibody reactions to foods.
  • Simple finger-prick home blood test that you post back to our laboratory.
  • If positive, you can choose to pay to progress onto one of our comprehensive programmes.
  • Price £9.99 Usual Price £19.99
    (offer ends 7th Oct 2013)