LDN – taking a clear look at the evidence so far

Over the years, many people have asked me about LDN, and quite a few of my patients have been on it. I’ve always been open minded to it, but never been quite sure – sometimes initial euphoria has not been followed by people being free of disease activity, and then I’ve wondered if that euphoria has been due more to the action of the drug.LDN

There’s a huge amount of anecdotal evidence ( people’s stories) about LDN being used successfully in many diseases, especially auto-immune disease, and I remain open- minded, however, it was interesting for me to read this blog post of the clinical papers on LDN, compiled together here:


So I think I’m going to stick to recommending whatever drug therapy seems appropriate for you, along with a Plant based whole food diet, with as little saturated fat as practicable, 20g omega 3 cold pressed flax seed oil, high dose vitamin D3, sunshine, exercise, and meditation as per overcomingms approach; plus checking your personal food intolerances and reducing everything that causes inflammation – stress, toxicity, sugar, refined foods, pathogens, as per functional medicine. :0

Spasms and muscle stiffness in MS

Muscle stiffness and spasm (2)     Hi, can’t beleive it’s November already! I’ve been busy making presentations that I’m now going to try to post up here. This one is about muscle spasm and stiffness. It’s a powerpoint, so we’ll see if it works!

Yay! Ok, so if you click on the link, you can download the powerpoint.

On November 3rd I will be talking about muscle stiffness and spasm at the MS Society symptom management day in Flitwick, Beds, and I’m putting the full set of slides on my blog.Of course, It’s from an integrated perspective, so includes: what’s going on inside in muscle spasm & stiffness, ( an imbalance between the stimulating ‘excitatory’ and the calming ‘inhibitory’ neurotransmitters), the medical protocol, things that some people with MS report to be useful, and recommendations from trailblazers like Terry Wahls. I’m sure there’s loads of things I don’t know yet which aren’t covered, but so far it includes:
Active movement exercise
Stretching programmes
Avoiding trigger factors
Addressing MS as whole
muscle relaxant medication
Key nutrients/supplements
intrathecal baclofen
possibly APS therapy