Functional medicine to heal auto-immune diseases

It’s another ‘lazy’ blog, re-blogging a great piece called ‘How to stop attacking yourself. 9 steps to heal automimmune disease’ by Dr. Mark Hyman. Brings together a lot of familiar themes; the gut, leaky gut and how to heal it, food intolerances, and calming inflammation.

When he talks about infectious agents, I agree, but I tend to use SOS-Advance as it blitzes most things without destroying your natural gut flora.

I hope that soon I’ll get a chance to write something fresh – I’ve been photographing my cooking, so expect a recipe section soon!

All the best


6 thoughts on “Functional medicine to heal auto-immune diseases

  1. Hi Miranda, I’m with you all the way! I’m 100% gluten free, I’ve also stopped eating meat, I have my flaxseed religiously everyday, trying hard(most days!) To cut out sweets finding this one harder then anything else, I have very little will power as I have a very Sweet tooth! But I am doing my best, I realise that sugar is so very bad, and I know I have cut it out a lot, I don’t drink fizzy, haven’t taken sugar in drinks for years, my downfall was cakes and biscuits! Don’t eat crisps, I could always make room for them, not now, I am actually quite proud of myself and my MS is very stable, infact I feel very well.

    • You’re a star. Here’s a great tip for when you get that sweet tooth urge – I do, every evening! Freeze washed black or red grapes in little sandwhich bags. They are gorgeous! The freezing seems to make them sweeter, and they last way longer as you have to chew them up. Take care 😉

  2. Hi Miranda, can you give some more information on SOS Advance please. How long have you been using it. Were you connected with the formulation or anything? What and how do you use it. I can be contacted direct if you cannot answer on the blog.

    • Hi Lynn, I’m not at all connected with the formulation of SOS-advance, no. I found it after searching vigorously for a colloidal, natural antibiotic, and was impressed by the ingredients, (if not by the website!) The reason for my search was that some MS patients of mine who had been taking colloidal silver for recurrent urinary tract infections, experienced all round improvement ( ie also in fatigue, energy, clear-headedness) when taking that product; however, there was so much conflicting information about it out there, that I started searching a little wider.
      I then ran a small scale back to back qualitative study on its effects in my patient group, and had a 50/50 result, with roughly half of a group of 12 people with MS responding well in terms of fatigue and wellbeing. the responders tended to be younger and with relapsing remitting Ms, rather than progressive.
      However, I find it very effective as an antibiotic in both groups, especially when standard antibiotics are no longer working. I never advise any patient to not take their prescribed antibiotics, just also give them information about it to try.
      Hope this answers your question
      all the best, Miranda

  3. Dear Miranda, SOS Advance is SO expensive though. On the website the bottle of liquid only lasts 8 days if taken 3 times per day, which is what Nigel Silcox from the company just advised me to do in an email, and the container of 60 capsules lasts only 10 days, and at £29.95 each, or £26.65 each if you buy 3, that works out at least £79.95 per month! Is there any other website that you know of that sells SOS Advance any cheaper please, otherwise, it might be brilliant stuff but the price makes it prohibitive? Thank you Miranda, i shall look forward to hearing your thoughts back about this matter. Kindest regards.

    • Hi Rosemary,
      It’s a good point. I don’t think anywhere else sells this format, but I’m sure that you could get some type of detoxifying product, such as oregano leaf, more cheaply.

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